5. Replacing a Node

In case a Cluster Node needs to be replaced, proceed as follows concerning the PCIe interconnect:

  1. Power down the Cluster Node. When you run dis_admin on the Cluster Management Node, you will see the icon of the Cluster Node turn red within the GUI representation of the Cluster Nodes.

  2. Unplug all cables from the adapter.

  3. Unmount the adapter from the Cluster Node to be replaced, and insert it into the new Cluster Node.

  4. Power up the Cluster Node; then connect the cables in the same way they had been connected before. Make sure that all LEDs on all adapters in the affected ringlets light green again.

  5. Run the SIA with the option --install-node. To verify the installation after the SIA has finished:

    1. The icon of the Cluster Node in the dis_admin GUI must have turned green again.

    2. The output of the dis_services script should list all services as running.

  6. Perform the PCIe connection test from within dis_admin to ensure that the cabling is correct (see Chapter 4, Initial Installation, Section 3.8.4, “PCIe connection Test”).


    Running the PCIe connection test may stop other traffic on the interconnect for the time the test is running, which can be up to a minute. If this is not an option, please use dis_diag from the command line to verify the functionality of the interconnect (see Chapter 7, Interconnect Maintenance, Section 1.3, “Static PCIe Interconnect Test - dis_diag”).

Communication between all other Cluster Nodes will continue uninterrupted during this procedure.