5. SuperSockets Utilization

To verify if and how SuperSockets are used on a Cluster Node in operation, the command dis_ssocks_stat can be used. The global

# dis_ssocks_stat -G

The first line shows the number of open TCP (STREAM) and UDP (DGRAM) sockets that are using SuperSockets.

For more detailed information, the extended statistics need to be enabled. Only the root user can do this:

# dis_ssocks_stat -x

With enabled statistics, dis_ssocks_stat -G will display a message size histogram (next to some internal information). When looking at this histogram, please keep in mind that the listed receive sizes (RX) may be incorrect as it refers to the maximal number of bytes that a process wanted to receive when calling the related socket function. Many applications use larger buffers than actually required. Thus, only the send (TX) values are reliable.

To observe the current throughput on all SuperSockets-driven sockets, the tool dis_ssocks_rate can be used (see dis_ssocks_rate).