5. Configuring the Cluster Nodes

Each node in a PCI Express cluster is identified by a system NodeId. The system NodeId must be unique and a multiple of 4 (e.g. 4, 8, 12).

Each adapter must be configured manually. E.g.:

sp(dis_config, "-a 0 -c 1 -n 4")

where the argument after '-a' is the adapter number, the argument after '-c' is the card and the argument after '-n' is the NodeId. The default value for adapter number is 0, and the default card number is 1 as shown above.

The Card number is a allocated to a card in the (random) order the card is identified by the drivers. It will always start at 1 and be contiguous up to the number of cards found in the system (Two cards installed - card number 1 and 2). If you need to make sure a specific card is assigned a specific adapter number, you should use the serial number option. Run dis_config -h for more details.

If you only have one card in the system, you can also use the short form:

sp(dis_config, "-n 4")

where the argument after '-n' is the NodeId.