3. Replacing an Adapter

In case an adapter needs to be replaced, proceed as follows:

  1. Power down the Cluster Node. The Network Manager will automatically reroute the interconnect traffic. When you run dis_admin on the Cluster Management Node, you will see the icon of the Cluster Node turn red within the GUI representation of the Cluster Nodes.

  2. Unplug all cables from the adapter.

  3. Unmount the old adapter to be replaced, and insert the new one into the Cluster Node.

  4. Power the Cluster Node up; then connect the cables in the same way they had been connected before. Make sure that all LEDs on all adapters light green again.

  5. To verify the installation of the new adapter:

    1. The icon of the Cluster Node in the dis_admin GUI must have turned green again.

    2. The output of the dis_services script should list all services as running.

    3. Run dis_diag -V 1 for this adapter from dis_admin. No errors should be reported, and all Cluster Nodes should be visible to this adapter.

              Dolphin diagnostic tool --  dis_diag version 5.5.0 ( 21.10.2015 )
      dis_diag compiled in 64 bit mode
      Driver : Dolphin IRM (IX) 5.5.0 October 10th 2012 (rev 31627)
      Date   : Wed 10/24/2012
      System : Node-1
      Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
      Number of configured local adapters found: 1
      Hostbridge :  , 0x29b08086
      Adapter 0 > Type                       : IXH610
                  NodeId                     : 4
                  Serial number              : IXH610-DE-000904
                  IXH chipId                 : 0x8091111d
                  IXH chip revision          : 0x00000002 (ZC)
                  EEPROM version NTB mode    : 0021
                  EEPROM version transp mode : 0006
                  Card revision              : DE
                  Topology type              : IX direct 2 nodes
                  Topology Autodetect        : No
                  PCIe slot state            : x8, Gen2 (5 GT/s)
                  Prefetchable memory size   : 128 MB
      ******************** IXH ADAPTER 0 PORT STATE         ********************
                  Link 0 uptime              : 421 seconds
                  Link 0 state               : ENABLED
                  Link 0 state               : x8, Gen2 (5 GT/s)
                  Link 0 cable inserted      : 1
                  Link 0 port active         : 1
      ******************** IXH ADAPTER 0, PARTNER INFORMATION ********************
                  Partner board type        : IXH adapter
                  Partner port no           : 0
                  Partner number of ports   : 1
                  Partner serial number     : 000845
      ******************** TEST OF ADAPTER 0                ********************
      OK: IXH chip alive in adapter 0.
      OK: Link alive in adapter 0.
      ==> Local adapter 0 ok.
      ******************** TOPOLOGY SEEN FROM ADAPTER 0     ********************
      Adapters found: 2   Switch ports found: 0
      ----- List of all nodes found:
      In range 0:  0004  0008
      dis_diag discovered 0 note(s).
      dis_diag discovered 0 warning(s).
      dis_diag discovered 0 error(s).
  6. Perform the PCIe connection test from within dis_admin to verify the PCIe connectivity (see Chapter 4, Initial Installation, Section 3.8.4, “PCIe connection Test”).


    Running the cable test will disturb other traffic on the interconnect for the time the test is running, which can be up to a minute. If this is not an option, please use dis_diag from the command line to verify the functionality of the interconnect (see Chapter 7, Interconnect Maintenance, Section 1.3, “Static PCIe Interconnect Test - dis_diag”).

Communication between all other Cluster Nodes will continue uninterrupted during this procedure.