Chapter 15. Advanced Topics

Table of Contents

1. Notification on Interconnect Status Changes
1.1. Interconnect Status
1.2. Notification Interface
1.3. Setting Up and Controlling Notification
1.3.1. Configure Notification via the dis_netconfig
1.3.2. Configure Notification Manually
1.3.3. Verifying Notification
1.3.4. Disabling and Enabling Notification Temporarily
2. Managing PCIe and eXpressWare Resources
2.1. Allocating Large SISCI Segments
2.2. Connecting to Large Remote SISCI Segments
2.3. Creating large SISCI reflective memory Segments
2.4. Updates with Modified eXpressWare Configuration Files
3. Using dis_diag
4. Using dis_perfmon

This chapter deals with techniques like performance analysis and tuning, irregular topologies and debug tools. For most installations, the content of this chapter is not relevant.