6. Adding Nodes

To add new Cluster Nodes to the cluster, please proceed as follows:

  1. Install the adapter in the Cluster Nodes to be added and power the Cluster Nodes up.

  2. Install the VxWorks kernel that contains the Dolphin eXpressWare software stack on all Cluster Nodes.

  3. Connecting the new Cluster Nodes to the PCIe switch. When you are done, the LEDs on all adapters should light green according to the link configuration, and all Cluster Node icons in dis_admin should also light green.

  4. Run dis_diag to verify the functionality of the interconnect (see Section 1.2, “Static PCIe Interconnect Test - dis_diag”).

  5. Now you can start the applications on the new Cluster Nodes as you did on the old Cluster Nodes, and they will be able to connect to the old Cluster Nodes.