PCI Express Fabric Software for RTX

Dolphin RTX Software Stack

Dolphin PCI Express eXpressWare Software

eXpressWare for RTX includes support for Dolphin's SISCI API software. This SISCI development environment enables RTX users to take advantage of high performance features of PCIe Networks. For customers seeking a software solution for PCI Express Fabrics, this software is ideal as it can be licensed for custom designs and supports Dolphin's Express hardware products.

  • Performance Suite
  • Example Code
  • SISCI API - Shared Memory API
Supports Dolphin PCI Express Hardware

PCI Express Fabric Software for RTX

eXpressWare for RTX is supported by Dolphin's shared memory SISCI API. This open standard API provided customers a comprehensive tool kit for developing and deploying applications using a PCIe Network.

PCIe Networks are designed for performance and reliability. eXpressWare based applications can deliver latencies as low as 540 nanoseconds. PCIe Networks minimizes latency and maximizes the throughput. Combined with the SISCI API, customers developing realtime systems benefit from the realtime characteristics of PCI Express. Enabling customers to build tightly coupled networks for PCIe cabled or backplane applications. The software supports a variety of chipsets from major silicon providers such as IDT and PLX/Broadcom. eXpressWare software supports Dolphin standard form factor boards and switches, but can also be customized to support third party boards and applications.

eXpressWare supports RTX. RTX customers seeking a reflective memory solution find eXpressWare ideal for low latency real-time reflective memory systems. It delivers extremely low latency as well as high performance communication capabilities. eXpressWare customers exploit the full capabilities of PCI Express.

Feature Description
RTX release support RTX 2014 and newer
Processor support All Intel and AMD x86 and x64 systems
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