Dolphin PCIe 4.0 / SFF-8644 Cables

PCIe 3.0 cable MiniSAS-HD x4 The Dolphin PCIe Gen 4 adapter cards MXH930 and MXH932 use standard quad SFF-8644 cable connectors and Dolphins PCIe Gen4 cables compliant to the PCI-SIG External Cabling Specification 3.0 cables (PCIe 4.0). The PCIe 4.0 cables supports the Cable Management Interface (CMI) used for sideband signaling.

Dolphin PCIe 4.0 copper cables with CMI support

Description Length Ordering code
1 meter PCIe 4.0 x4 SFF-8644 Copper Cable 1 meter PCIe4C-1M
3 meter PCIe 4.0 x4 SFF-8644 Copper Cable 3 meter PCIe4C-3M


Dolphin PCIe 4.0 SFF-8644 Fiber Cables without CMI support

PCIe MiniSAS-HD-HD cables - iPassPlease contact Dolphin for details.


PCIe Cables for other products

PCIe 3.0 / MiniSAS-HD cables for PCIe Gen 3.0 products.

iPass Cables used by all IXH cards, PXH810, PXH812 and the IXS600 switch.