High Performance Embedded Solutions

Dolphin products can be used to interconnect a variety of different systems and solutions

Dolphin has a long history of providing high performance solutions for the embedded OEM market. Our embedded products create high performance low latency networks to address the needs of the communication, scientific computation, military, medical, industrial automation, and test and measurements markets.

Dolphin Express provides unique implementation of PCI Express to support applications such as reflective memory, while the Dolphin Developer's Kit is a powerful and portable software infrastructure for easy migration of your application's low latency network.

Key Features

  • Low Latency - 0.54 Microseconds latency for Data Transfers
  • High Availability - Failover support
  • Transparent and non-transparent support
  • Reflective memory support
  • Scalable to multiple nodes
  • Complete software Solution including Linux, Windows, VxWorks, RTX
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