Dolphin introduces Microchip Switchtec™ PFX Gen3 PCIe Product line

New MXH830 and MXH832 Adapters Cards

Oslo Norway and Dallas, Texas USA- November 13 2017, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions Inc, a leading provider of low latency, industry standard PCIe Adapter cards, scalable switches, and advanced PCI Express Software, announced today the introduction of its new MX series PCIe Adapter Cards and Scalable Switch products based on Microchip’s Switchtec™ PFX PCIe Switches. These cabled Gen3 PCIe products employ the new PCI SIG cabling specification, enabling fast deployment of PCIe I/O expansion, NVMe storage, and advance clustering solutions. The initial offering includes the MXH832 host/target adapter and the MXH830 NTB adapter. These initial products will be followed by the MXS824 24 port PCIe Scalable switch for further I/O expansion and cluster scaling.

The MX products are targeted at OEMs and End Users looking to implement PCIe Over Cable solutions. These solutions range from NVMe JBOFs boxes to multi-host cluster networks. MX products are fully PCI SIG compliant and implement the latest specification for a fully compatible fast deployment solution.

“We are excited to be able to offer Switchtec™ based products.” says Hugo Kohmann CEO of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions AS. “Our customers will benefit from the latest PCIe technology and advanced features of the Switchtec™ PFX Gen3 PCIe family of Switches. Our goal is to deliver PCIe compliant products that reduce OEM time to market and advance the capabilities of PCI Express. Microsemi Switchtec products allow us to create new scalable PCIe products with outstanding performance.”

“The new Dolphin products contribute to the strong ecosystem of industry leading products being developed by Microsemi.” Says Krishna Mallampati, Director of Marketing at Microsemi. “Customers designing next generation products will benefit from off-the-shelf products that reduce development time and speed deployment of PCIe technology.”

The MXH832 Gen3 Host/Target Adapter is our high performance PCIe 3.1 transparent solution for connecting servers to external I/O subsystems. For high performance application, such as GPU farms, test and measurement equipment, medical equipment, and storage subsystem, the MXH832 delivers flexibility and performance with extremely high data quality. By combining 128 GT/s performance with the low latency of PCI Express, it is the ideal solution for external I/O Expansion systems. When used in conjunction with the new PCI-SIG external PCIe 3.0 cables, the MXH832 can connect to any compliant downstream device. It also implements the new PCI-SIG CMI (Cable Management Interface ) protocol.

The MXH830 Gen3 PCI Express NTB Host Adapter is our high-performance clustering product. The MXH830 includes support for Dolphin’s eXpressWare™ software suite. eXpressWare™ provides an excellent software infrastructure for developing PCIe applications with support for Linux, Windows, and VxWorks. This software suite takes advantage of the advanced features in the Switchtec™ chipset to create a complete environment for customized and standardized applications. The software suite includes a Shared-Memory Cluster Interconnect (SISCI) API as well as a IPoPCIe driver, SuperSockets™ software and SmartIO software. The overall framework is designed for rapid deployment of inter-processor communication systems along with advanced I/O systems that support peer to peer transfers and lending of devices between systems.

Both new MXH Adapter cards implement a quad SFF-8644 connector which is compliant with the latest MiniSAS-HD and PCI SIG External cable specification 3.0 cables. Cable distances extend to 9 meters with copper cables and 100 meters with fiber optic cables. The quad SFF-8644 creates four ports that can be aggregated into a single x16 port for a 128 GT/s data link to remote systems or partitioned to two x8 ports or four x4 ports.

The MXS824 is the high-end switching component in Dolphin's new PCI Express Gen3 product family. This 24 port 1U cluster switch delivers 32 GT/s of non-blocking bandwidth per port at ultra low latency. Up to 4 ports can be combined into a single x16 / 128 GT/s port if higher bandwidth is required. Each connection is fully compliant with PCI Express Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 I/O specifications.

Product Availability

Dolphin’s MXH832 and MXH830 are available now. The MXS824 is available in Q1 2018.

About Dolphin Interconnect Solutions

A leading supplier of high speed PCI Express Fabrics, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions is a global provider of ultra-low latency, high-bandwidth computer interconnect solutions for high-speed real-time systems, clustered databases, general networking, web services and industrial embedded applications for more than 20 years. In addition, Dolphin supplies OEM host adapters, switches, and software to leading Military and system OEMs.

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