PCI Express Delivers Fastest DRBD High-availability Solution

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions and LINBIT introduce DRBD solution with 60% performance improvement

O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2012 - Portland OR- July 16, 2012 -- Dolphin Interconnect Solutions and LINBIT today announced a new optimized Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) storage solution based on PCI Express. LINBIT's DRBD is a premiere building block for high availability and disaster recovery systems. PCI Express improves DRBD performance by increasing data transfer by 60 percent compared to other interconnect solutions. The combined DRBD and PCI Express solution delivers outstanding performance for DRBD users requiring high performance storage replication as part of their critical business requirements. The ongoing Dolphin and LINBIT partnership enables close collaboration between core developers resulting in substantial speed improvements for DRBD and Dolphin PCI Express customers worldwide.

DRBD fully synchronous disk mirroring benefits from a fast, low-latency interconnect for data transfers. Synchronous mirroring is the right choice for high-availability (HA) customers who can’t afford to lose a single transaction. The PCI Express solution implements the fastest synchronous storage mirroring solution with outstanding write performance to the mirroring node. In laboratory benchmarks, PCIe DRBD performance is 60% faster than other interconnect solutions such as Infiniband and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Outstanding interconnect performance dramatically improves overall system performance by removing the interconnect bottleneck for high performance HA solutions.

The Dolphin and LINBIT solution combines IDT’s PCI Express Gen2 technology with Dolphin Express software and hardware, along with LINBIT consulting and support. The overall solution creates a high-throughput low-latency application environment for DRBD communication. Dolphin’s SuperSockets software expands IDT’s PCI Express Gen2 technology beyond traditional peripheral connections to high speed multi-host application level communication. Enterprise applications, such as DRBD, can now take advantage of PCI Express performance.

“IDT is pleased to see PCI Express connectivity expanding across many enterprise applications,” said Mario Montana, vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Computing Division at IDT. “The performance benefits realized with DRBD clearly demonstrate the superiority of PCIe compared to other enterprise-level signaling protocols.”

LINBIT offers multi-level support services for PCI Express DRBD installations. LINBIT’s DRBD expertise and knowledge of the Dolphin Solution enables a customer to quickly deploy this high-performance DRBD solution. “LINBIT is the best partner for deploying our DRBD solution,” said Hugo Kohmann, COO of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions. “Their knowledge and testing of the Dolphin Solution and DRBD makes them ideally suited for customers seeking the best DRBD performance.”

The PCI Express DRBD solution can be purchased from Dolphin as a complete kit which includes two Dolphin IXH610 PCI Express Host adapters, a PCI Express cable and optimized SuperSockets software for DRBD. The kit also includes a discount on DRBD support from LINBIT. DRBD support is included in Linux kernel version 2.6.33 and newer.

“We are impressed by the performance benefits of PCI Express and believe our customers will benefit from DRBD's support for High Speed Interconnects,” said Kavan Smith, LINBIT's CEO Americas. “To aid this effort, we are including Dolphin PCI Express support in our LINBIT Cluster Stack Support offerings. We believe this is an exciting opportunity for folks looking to build their own high performance clusters utilizing Dolphin High Speed Interconnects with DRBD. When striving for high-speed replication, be sure to utilize Dolphin with LINBIT and you will know success!”

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